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Oops... [13 Jul 2004|08:16pm]
Well I was wrong about the 6 foot swells...Pyramid was actually a bit much today. Was about 8-10 foot waves out there...Still tried it tho cuz Im nuts like that. And yes I blew out my fuckin nerve again but at least had 1 sweet ass ride before I went back to shore. Admitedly still cant stand up on the new board, but damn that was a hell of a rush being out there. Its kind of scary laying a thin piece of fiberglass watching a 10 foot wall of water come crashing down on you. Just wish this damn nerve would heal faster so I can do better paddling out past the 1st break and get into the sweet spots. Right now feels like someone hammered a damn nail into my arm.
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Surf's up! [13 Jul 2004|02:28pm]
Finally the nerve in my arm has healed up enough to hit the waves again(I think), blew it out last week when I paddled out a fuckin mile and then had to paddle back to shore. Havent been able to surf at all since I could hardly move my arm. Also been helping out M's husband completely rebuild the engine for his muscle car which hasn't helped my arm any at all either. All I can say is fucking valve springs suck ass to compress and push down on the valves. Replacing the cam and crankshaft as well as all the bearings was pretty easy tho. This engine is going to be totally kick ass when we are done in a couple of weeks tho. Damn thing is going to push out about 450-500 horsepower! Didnt think it would be fun to work on engines but admitedly it is kind of cool.

Well off to surf Pyramid Rock, 6 ft swells today...and not fuckin tourists...woot!
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Wow [09 Jul 2004|03:48pm]
Well that has been pretty much the word of the last month, Wow...things have rather drastically changed. I now no longer live in Honolulu, and now live on the Marine Corps base...yeah I know, me on a Marine Corps base...who would have ever thought? M and I are now officially a couple, at least for now. Her husband and I turned out to be best friends after we met, even tho he wanted to kill me at 1st, which I can't say I blame him. So 3 days after he got back from deployment, he moved out of the master bedroom into the spare room and I moved into the master bedroom...go figure...Life is very strange at the moment. They also have 2 kids which I get along with pretty well, hell babysitting them at the moment. Even tho life has gotten a hell of a lot more comfortable, 1 con is that I almost _Never_ have any time to myself anymore, Im either hanging out talking to M's husband trying to help him with all the issues going on, or hanging out with M since she at the moment is pretty latched onto me. Which of course is nice but damn having almost no alone time really sucks.
In less complicated news...quit my fucking piece of shit resteraunt job, they hardly scheduled me towards the end and was just a waste of my fucking time getting to downtown Waikiki once a week for a measly 50 bucks a night. So now just concentrating on my computer intern job and trying to learn as much as possible in a very short time. Waiting for the huge payoff which hopefully will be very damn soon.
Also I finally managed to aquire a surfboard about 2 days ago...only took me 9 god damn months, but a friend is away for awhile and asked if I could keep his board for him while he is gone, and he doesn't mind if I use it. Its a 7'2" Gun board, which means its harder then hell to learn on the thing. Longboards are much much easier to ride. I can't even stand up on this thing yet, but it will be kick ass once I can since Guns are faster and turn better so can start shredding waves. Have been trying to surf Pyramid Rock on base, which for Oahu is one of the best places to surf all year around it kicks ass since tourists can't get on base. Waves there are average 3-6 feet which is a bit rough to learn a new board on, right now my entire body is in serious pain just from the last 2 days, but in about 1-2 weeks will be in better shape for it. Have already gained about 10 pounds in the last month thanks to M's cooking, damn it's so fucking nice to actually have a girlfriend that is a damn good cook for once. Prolly gain another 10-20 pounds by next month with the workout of surfing as well as working out with M's husband. Always nice having a Marine there to push you heh.
Yeah life is strange...
Well I guess that is enough for now, back to trying to learn PL/SQL and Oracle Portal for my boss so I can hurry the hell up and make real money again...will write again whenever I actually get some privacy again...
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[10 Jun 2004|01:38pm]
Well as per usual been awhile since I last posted, however this time at least there has been some good news...

I finally got a computer job!
After 2 damn years of not having a computer job finally am employed again...The interview was quite amusing, went basically like this:
"Ahh you used to work for Oracle Corp? Ok your hired"
Now there is a downside to it as well, for starters it is nothing I have ever done before and have no idea how to do it, which brings me to the next downside. Its currently only an internship til I learn all the stuff I need to learn. Basically I am working with Oracle Application Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Forms, well basically just a bunch of Oracle stuff that I never played with before even after 4-5 yrs at Oracle. So til I learn all this stuff I wont get a real paycheck. However the brighter side to all this is when I learn it all, I am going to make 2-3x as much as I used to doing Unix Sys admin stuff...which means I can finally start getting my life back together again. Basically need about 2-4 more weeks of the internship and then should be going to being paid hourly. I will then finally be able to quit my fucking stupid resteraunt job which I despise more and more everyday, especially since any damn money I get from it, keeps going to my roomates since rent suddenly doubled over the last month.
Just will be nice to finally get ahead again and should be able to start doing that within the next month finally.
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Busy busy busy [21 May 2004|12:46am]
God damn, been so busy lately, tonight has been the 1st time I have even been home in 3 days, besides working a hell of a lot, which although tiring, is good, tho I STILL haven't been paid yet, fargin bastages...anyways onto better news...Hrmm damn lets see, pretty much same stuff as usual, work, hanging out a lot at the Marine Corp base, surfing almost everyday, clubbing when I can. Tho think Im going to take a break this weekend, its more fun anyways to be on base plus I get fed really damn good food and get my laundry done for free. Its nice to actually get some use out of all those taxes I used to pay. Well damn, life has been great and really fun and interesting but just doesn't sound it when I write it out lol. I guess enough for now, I have to be up at 8am to hit the beach, 6-8 foot waves tommorow supposedly :D It should quite interesting...if I dont write again within a week I prolly got pounded by the reef ;)
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New Journal [04 May 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Thanx ninevolt for the info about no more codes, appreciate it :)

Ok new livejournal is will be friends only, if you want to be added just ask.


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HahaWoohoo! [01 May 2004|06:47am]
Awesome Friday night....damn I really needed that.

Thank you please drive thru
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Well ok nother bitch session... [24 Apr 2004|02:40pm]
[ mood | Still exhausted ]

Hey its been awile since I have bitched about anything so I am entitled especially since my damn job ruined my night last night. They asked me to stay on to work a double shift so I did...was expecting to get off work before midnight so I could still buy alcohol and head to the Club since I havent been there in about a month. Was looking forward to celebrating having a job and all and blow off a lot of stress as well as show off how tan I am since no one has seen me in awhile. However....I got screwed at work...they didn't tip me out at the end of the night like well as far as I know all other fuckin resteraunt jobs do. They said I had to wait for the owner to split the tips out and share them, what the fuck kind of bullshit is that? they said he only does it 1 or 2 times a week...what the fuck is the point of having a shitty resteraunt job if you dont make tips everyday? Its one of the reasons why I went for the job so I could have a bit of cash in my pocket everyday. So yeah couldnt afford to go out and I was supposed to meet this girl Ashley that I had met on the beach that day at the club too. Its amazing what a surfboard and a tan can do for you for meeting women at the beach...
Well hopefully they will share out the tips tonight when I work so I can head to noctuary and have a couple drinks, been a long week albeit good week, but still need to go out and blow off stress and dance til dawn.

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Ow ow OW [23 Apr 2004|01:19am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well definetly understand why the locals hate tourists, always kind of did before anyways, but man, I almost punched this fucker today, god damn haole newbie surfer wiped me out today, ran right over me, I ended up getting caught in the undertow of the wave and smacked the hell out of my ankle on the reef. After a brief rest still went surfing more tho, wasn't about to let that ruin a perfectly good set of waves...
Did some training at work tonight, was expecting to get tipped out at the end but nope...apparently they dont tip you if you are training, not that I was really trained mind you. Got shit explained to me for 30 mins and that was it. Hopefully tommorow night will be really busy tho so I can afford to hit the club. Havent been in a about month now, I miss drinking and dancing til dawn, besides cant wait to freak everyone out with how tan I am now. Hell I even got thrown out of the Goth Fashion show I was supposed to be in because I was too tan.
Tommorow should be fun as all hell tho, of course heading to the beach as usual, supposed to be meeting Dara there. Oh yeah, yesterday I got hit on by a non goth chick, for the 1st time in about what 15-20 years? Lol...I guess my Goth Card is officially revoked now, when normal women start finding me attractive. But hell Im happier than I have been in a very long time, in better shape than I have been in a long time, have energy again, am out all day and most of the night as well, instead of just sitting home on the computer or watching TV like I used to do.

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Had a damn good weekend [19 Apr 2004|08:07am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Friday night:
Hung out at the Punk Rock wall in Waikiki, Christy shows up and Dansin, her and I get some beer and head down to the beach, got pretty buzzed and ended up taking a lot of pics because Christy was looking damn good that night, too bad she is completely insane tho. Was a very nice night tho, great weather, beautiful sky, very relaxing.

Sat night:

Umm...damn what the hell did I do Sat night? Cant remember


Now Sunday was a really damn good day...looks like I might soon be getting my own damn surfboard thru a friend, to either have or borrow, no more having to rent em!
Also there was a lot of naughty things going on sunday too, but since I have found out that people actually do read my livejournal I shall not go into details heh. Suffice it to say after 2 1/2 months I am no longer celibate.


Will be heading out to the beach soon, of course, tho meeting a friend and heading up to North Shore I think, will be nice to go up there since I haven't been there yet. Get a chance to study the waves and learn where the reefs are.

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... [16 Apr 2004|07:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well after 2 years of being unemployed, I am now FINALLY employed...Just got a job today and will be starting next week. Admitedly its a shitty job, but a job nonetheless. Can now start finally saving up to ship my stuff and my kitties over to here, as well as continue surfing everyday, yes thats right I said surfing! Im turning into a surfer these days...I mean hell they have gothic ravers, why cant you have gothic surfers?? Oh yeah the sunlight thing...well...go ahead try to revoke my Goth Card than see what I care, Ive been in the scene now for what 15+ years...time to broaden my interests. Although the goth scene here is fun but there are no decent single women here anwyays, all of the good ones are already taken.
Gotta tell you tho, surfing is a hell of a lot of fun, as well as a very serious workout, and yes Im tan as all hell now too, see Exhibit A Right now am just renting a board when I can, its pretty cheap actually and surfing the waves at Waikiki you only get about 2 maybe 3 foot swells at the most, but its a good place to learn. Once I get good will try my hand at North Shore waves, but that will be awhile before I'll brave that place.
Anyways, things here are getting better now, going to be able to start getting my life back together finally.

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Fuck it... [16 Feb 2004|08:24pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Well time to fight my last and greatest weakness...women. I am now taking a vow of celibacy, yes thats right you heard me correctly...to hell with women, at least for a little while. Time to put my energies into something actually worthwhile, rather these fucked up relationships I seem to keep falling into.
Yes Valentines sucked, and yes its one of the reasons why I am saying to fucking hell with women. but I am also just tired of the bullshit, tired of the weakness that I need someone in my life for it to be complete. Tired of the fact that every single damn female seems to be money based, which really sucks that no one seems to actually care about love anymore, only seem to care about how well off someone is and what they can do for you. Yeah thats an extremely cynical view I know, but hell its been proven over and over again to me. I haven't had a decent relationship since I lost my job at Oracle. When I was working there and making shitloads of money, I had tons of women, and by that I mean real relationships not just fuck buddies. Yes, they all went to hell but that was because I was being used for my money and I realized it, or I was never around since I was working a lot. Now that I am dead broke I haven't had a real relationship since, just an endless string of fucked up situations. So time to stop waiting for someone real to come along and like me for who I am instead of what I can do for them or give them. I officially give the fuck up on females, I give the hell up on love, it isn't worth the trouble or the pain.

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... [10 Feb 2004|06:25pm]
Check out www.myspace.com, its a pretty good way to keep in touch with friends...Im DarkAngel on there. Will also be adding more photos soon from a photoshoot I did the other week.
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Well party time is now over [10 Feb 2004|06:08pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Time to buckle down and go back to serious job hunting, blew my back out for a couple weeks helping a friend move but after much intense pain and not being able to walk, it is now finally almost healed. Not that serious job hunting is doing anything anyways...its not like there are fucking tech jobs out there for the most part, but tech has to come back someday, its not like our world can survive without it, so I shall keep trying. Besides when I can find a tech job I make fuck loads of money at it...kind of hard to give that up and start over doing something else. About the only other skill I have is I can crash motorcycles really well and somehow live thru it, dont think I could paid for that tho ;)

As for things out here tho, life is odd, I am definetly having a lot more fun out here then I have had in a long while, pretty much since SF. I love the weather still and am out and about quite a lot going places and doing things. Although still broke as all hell, especially since Gary and Nandy didn't send my check like they had promised they would do from Austin which makes things rather difficult. As for the club scene here it is already getting kind of old, tho have made a lot of friends, but pretty much anyone worth seriously dating is already in a relationship, tho I am still trying to make things work with Caila, its pretty much still a totally fucked situation, which was proved yet again last Friday when I put my hand thru a wall at the club. Woke up the next day with the worst hangover I have had in many years, tho still went out again on Sat night, only because it was Olgas bday tho and I promised her I would celebrate it with her.
This weekend going to be pretty much doing the same thing tho, going out Friday and getting really wasted, Flesh is a pretty fun club especially since you can bring your own alcohol and make your own drinks. Just not going to be mixing hard liquor, beer and wine again....
Of course since this weekend is Valentines, going to do my best to drink and forget that aspect since I doubt very much I will be with anyone. Yeah Im a romantic by heart so shoot me(again).

Well enough bitching for now, back to the job hunt...

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Bunch o stuff [11 Dec 2003|07:20am]
[ mood | sick yet again(Blarg!) ]

Being that right now my internet access is well few and far between, these updates will be spanning a week or so at once, so sorry for the length.

For starters I cant believe I am god damn sick AGAIN....I haven't felt completely well in about a month now. The other day my sinuses kicked in overtime and yesterday that went away but now I have got yet another chest infection, that is what the 5th or 6th one this year? As well as the 2nd time I have had that in the past month. Razed in Black is going on tonight too at the Wave and here I am coughing up nasty brown shit. Ill still be going tho, will just do my best to drink a shitload so I will better be able to ignore how shitty I feel. Still have the damn annoying ear infection going on as well...

Last friday was pretty cool at Galaxy/Club Flesh, met a few cool people, including one guy who is a linux geek, and might hire me as a Unix Proffessor at The University of Hawaii...Heh can you imagine me a Proffessor? I sure the hell can't but I think it would be pretty fun.
Also I met the most stunning gorgeous creature I have yet seen on this Island, which is saying a hell of a lot for the general high quality of women that are out here. She came over and talked to me for a bit at the bar but alas with this damn ear infection Im half deaf and with all the music in the background I couldn't really hear her very well, but I guess I did ok as she said she was looking forward to seeing me out again this Friday.
Admitedly I am also being a bit reserved when it comes to flirting as things with Caila and I are completely up in the air right now. We had a long chat about things and she let me know where she is at right now which is certainly not where she was at when we were back in Austin. Its rather ironic and amusing that back in Austin when Caila and I were together she was emotionally involved with me yet for me all it could be was just sex since I was emotionally involved with Delilah, now that I am single again and emotionally available, Caila is emotionally unavailable and just wants sex. Man women are fucked up......So anyways I don't think Caila and I will be lasting much longer. Still it is fun to hang around her, and interesting things always seem to happen with and around her. Such as going to bed with 1 naked woman in my arms and waking up with a completely different naked woman in my arms...Still not sure how that happened tho I wasnt complaining since her friend is hot as all hell but it was a little weird to wake up like that especially since I woke up horny and started rubbing and kissing all over her and then opened my eyes to find out it wasn't Caila. Thankfully her friend is a sound sleeper and since she has a boyfriend I just got up and went to the livingroom quickly...

Ok things to do today:

Get a PO box so I can get mail
Try to get as healthy as I can for the show tonight

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Yay tonight is goth night.... [05 Dec 2003|04:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well its been another great week here, all sorts of interesting and deviant things have been going on, damn Caila sure is fun to hang out with. Meeting all sorts of very cool people thru her as well.

Managed to temporarily solve some money issues by staying with a friend of Caila's. So now paying 1/5th of what I was spending on the hotel room. Admitedly its not all a bed of roses here, still don't have a job yet, its extremely noisy where I am staying at the moment since no one ever closes their windows here due to the weather and with street and people noises its a bit hard to get to sleep and I somehow managed to get an ear infection, prolly from swimming since I haven't done that in ages. Tho most of that is just minor irritations, well cept for the job part. I definetly love being here, even tho its been raining most of the time, still love it, I am the happiest I have been in years. Hell dont think I have smiled and laughed so much in years as I have in the past 2 weeks.

Tonight should be a hell of a lot of fun at Dungeon, nice thing about the club is its BYOB so will bring a couple bottles of Captains for the night...Seems everyone here gets really decked out from the pics I have seen so might actually wear makeup for the 1st time in years. Will be nice to go out to a club again where the majority people actually put time and effort into dressing up.

Finally got a cell again, tho had to do prepaid one thanx to having a grand total of a 2000 dollar phone bill ran up over a few months of Delilah liking to talk for hours at a time. At least with prepaid that won't happen again. Since no one but my friends read this journal here is the number if you want to contact me 808-772-0439

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Aloha! [29 Nov 2003|04:11pm]
[ mood | Completey Sober for once ]

Well I have made it to Hawai'i, was a long ass flight and ended up getting in an hour and half late thanx to them taking the plane out of service minutes before we were going to board. Worked out well tho since Caila ended up getting to the airport late as well to meet me. So I got "Lei'd" as soon as I got off the plane.
Tuesday for the most part was uneventful was dead tired from Jet lag and not sleeping much so I pretty much just slept a lot. Wed night was rather interesting, went to a "normal club" for the 1st time in god knows how many years. Was rather amusing, tho DAMN the women here are fucking gorgeous, no more having to settle anymore, everywhere I look there are beatiful women, gotta love that. Ended up partying all night and pretty much all day thursday. Tho took a nap thurs morning for a bit and woke up a couple of hours later to Caila and her friend stripping, always a damn good way to wake up in my book. Only boring part was spending Thanksgiving with Caila's friends' relatives who are all Puerto Rican and didn't really take to a Haole showing up, so I just kinda sat there for 3 hours being bored and falling asleep. Caila got a bit to drunk and finally wanted to go to a spot she wanted to show me, so I ended up driving way out to middle of nowhere to a very beautiful cove. Had a great time there, was a bit of a precarious climb down to the cove especially in pitch dark, but was very cool once we got there, nothing like skinny dipping in the end of november in 80 degree water. We spent the night there under the stars on the beach, was very beautiful and very relaxing. Next morning I think we freaked out a few tourists tho, woke up to a couple busloads of tourists taking pictures of us from the scenic overlook which turns out had a great view of Caila and I sleeping naked on the beach nn the cove. We got a pretty good laugh out of that one.
Friday was pretty much recovery mode again, body aches from being so active this whole week ended up sleeping thru goth night in Honolulu which kind of pissed me off but ahh well there is always next week. At this rate Ill be healthy and gain my weight back again in no time.

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The Countdown Begins [20 Nov 2003|04:06am]
[ mood | Drunk of course, what else is there to do out here? ]

5 more days til I am gone....

Oh and Precious says Hi

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Free At Last [19 Nov 2003|04:58am]
[ mood | Angstridden and drunk ]

Well that is it, bought my ticket today to Hawaii, I am finally free of this fucking hellhole. My flight leaves tues Nov 25 9:30am direct to Honolulu out of Houston Airport. I can't wait to be gone from here, tho I should have left long ago, but alas I made a very big mistake and stupidly stayed here for someone. But turns out they were nothing but the usual bullshit game playing liar. Tho can't say Im all that surprised, since I moved here, I have done nothing but compromise left and right, and unfortunately have had to compromise even on the quality of women to date out here. At least back in SF on any given night there are at least 10-20 women worth going after, here its about 1 in 1000. And even then they usually only like the sideburn spikey haired buttrocker types that predominate the scene out here. Back in SF I used to date some of the most beautiful women in the scene, here there is just shit to choose from and it comes down to a choice of compromising , either go home alone or date someone who is somewhat "acceptable". Most nights I choose going home alone...
What pisses me off the most tho is I completely wasted my time here and lost everything I worked my ass off for the past 10 years for. I went from on top of the fucking world to a point where I couldnt even eat regularly. Let alone the horrible luck I keep having here. I know a large portion of it is the negativity I have for the place, but it is completely justified, last year I made 6 figure god damn salary, out here I can't even find a stupid piece of shit helpdesk job that I am completely way overqualified for. I know part of that is due to the economy and that fucking idiot Bush, but I could have easily gotten another job out in SF where as here I can't get shit. But things will be better in Hawaii, I love that place, I love the energy out there, I love the weather, hell I even love the rain out there, nice tropical showers. I'll wake up everyday to a paradise instead of a fucking stupid ass hellhole full of losers that Texas seems to be. Tho dont get me wrong, I have met some very good people here, and there are a handfull of people I will miss dearly when I leave, its just compared to other places I have been, the majority of people here seem to be fucking loser retards who haven't a fucking clue.
But I digress, I will be back on top again in Hawaii, Ill have positive energy instead of negative energy and I will find a a good job out there and I will be back on top of the world again with a year. I have the skills and I have the strength to start over yet again.

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To Rabbit [15 Apr 2003|07:29am]
I don't even know what to say my friend, I write this here as I do not wish to intrude on your sorrow. There are no words I can write that will take away the pain from your tragic loss. All I can say is I miss you and I wish I was back in SF to be there for you and help you thru this painful time. If you need anything please do not hesitate to contact me, I will do whatever is within my power to help you.
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